Established 2006


Fluffy Softener Essential Oil DR-9690

1. Description:

DR-9690 is the best ECO foamless super-high concentrated softer applicable for effect of soft, smooth, fluffy and hydrophilic. It’s ECO product and conforms latest export standard.

2. Specifications:

Appearance:    Light white yellow paste

PH Value:       4-6 (5-10% Seriflux )

Solid Content (%) : 90%

Composition:    Special diester quaternary amine salt

Ionicity:         Cationic

3. Features:

(1) DR-9690 gets rid of the difficulty of take count of softness and smoothness from traditional cationic softeners and become the best one in like products. It gives quite a lot of advantages for fabric softening.

(2) DR-9690 gains excellent softness and smoothness for natural fibers as cotton, linen, silk, wool or chemical fibers like polyester, nylon or acrylic fiber and their blended fabric or intertexture.

(3) Strong hydrophilicity to improve water-loving and fluffy handle of fiber and fabric. This is different to traditional cationic softener flake or normal amino silicone oil which forms hydrophobic film on the fabric surface affecting its water-absorbing.

(4) Super-low foaming to excel normal flake or silicone oil which easily produces foam.

(5) Super-low yellowing to overcome the weakness of traditional cationic softener or high amine value amino silicone oil which easily yellows the fabric in the treatment.

4. Usages:

(1) Cool dilution

Pour gradually the DR-9690 in the ratio of 5-10% into water under room temperature while stirring 30-40 mins. till the mixture becomes even paste-like for standby application.

(2) Warm dilution

  Pour gradually the DR-9690 in ratio of 5-10% into heated water (50-60℃) while stirring 20-30 mins. till the mixture becomes even paste-like for standby application.

(3) Dip

  5-8% (O.W.F), Temperature 50-60℃, Time 15-30 mins.

(4) Padding

  20-30g / L, Temperature 40-50℃, 1-dip-1-nip or 2-dip-2-nip.

5. Storage and Packing:

(1). Storage:   

Placing in shady and well ventilated warehouse. Shelf life: One year after date of manufacture

(2). Packing:  

50kg or 120kg / Plastic drum