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The sales volume of knitted composite fabric is booming, and the performance is greatly improved

Source: Browse:246 Date:2023-03-09
Recently, the sales volume of knitted composite fabrics in Shengze market is still good. Although the total volume has declined compared with April, due to the large amount of orders in the early stage and the moderate demand in the upstream and downstream, the business in Shengze market from weaving factory to finishing factory is booming. In this context, a number of popular varieties have also emerged in the market. From the use of these fabrics, home textile clothing fabrics are still the mainstream.

Brocade and polyester leather film gilding corduroy: corduroy fabric is one of the mainstream varieties of autumn and winter clothing. This fabric uses brocade and polyester interwoven to make the fabric have color change effect after dyeing, but its biggest selling point is not here, but according to the demand of this year's international fashion trend, the leather film feeling gilding is added in the post-processing, which makes the finished fabric more leather texture, thus broadening the demand of the fabric. Now this fabric is mainly used for home textiles Clothing, shoes and hats, etc.

Composite suede: This fabric is made of 75D * 225D warp knitted suede and single-sided suede, which are processed through multiple processes such as heat shrinking and washing. The style of the finished fabric is to make the suede surface appear wrinkle effect, that is, the sofa leather and elephant grain, which are popular in the market. This kind of fabric is now mainly used for home textile fabrics, such as sofa, seat cover and other home decoration fabrics, with a market price of 11.80 yuan/meter.

Composite yarn-dyed velveteen: This fabric is a new composite product popular in the market in the past two years. On the basis of the original fabric, the reverse composite polyester cotton fabric makes the fabric more comfortable and more wear-resistant than the original. Now it is mainly used for sofa fabric, cushion cover, pillow, car interior and other aspects. The market price is 25.50 yuan/meter.

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