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How to make silk printed fabric feel soft and not turn over?

Source: Browse:244 Date:2023-03-09
Two major problems in silk fabric printing: hand feeling and hair batch (silk turning)

Many silk printing factories have encountered this problem, especially when the silk is printed in black all over the floor, the handle is hard, and the silicone oil softener is applied to the finishing, and the fabric is easy to produce problems such as batch turnover.

Our company has specially developed a kind of amphoteric handle enhancer for silk printed fabrics, which can be applied to digital printing and traditional printing processes to solve this problem and improve the handle quality.

Product features:

Printing handle enhancer FREETEX-5000

Aiming at the digital (traditional) printing of real silk, it can improve the handle and drape feeling, shorten the process flow without issuing the batch and turning the silk (which can avoid the post-finishing and softening process), make the handle soft, the color bright, the drape is good, and at the same time, it also has hygroscopicity and breathability.

Product parameters:

Ingredients: organosilicon surfactant complex

Ionicity: amphoteric ion

PH value: 6-7

Chemical properties: acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, hard water resistance.

Compatibility: It can be used with anionic, cationic and non-ionic products in the same bath.

1. It is particularly suitable for digital printing. Adding it to the pretreatment solution can improve the feel of the finished digital printing product by more than 50%. It can achieve a soft and smooth feel without setting and softening agent, greatly improving the added value of the product and saving costs.

2. It is especially suitable for full-bottom printing, with soft feel, clear outline, bright color, and overall improved feel by more than 50%.

3. This product belongs to environmental protection product, without APEO and formaldehyde release, and conforms to Oeko-tex100 environmental protection standard.

[Application method]

Recommended dosage for application: generally add 3% - 5% of the total size, 8% for special dark color and feel, and directly add it to the printing paste or pretreatment solution.


50KG or 125KG plastic bucket lined with plastic bag

[Storage conditions]

It should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place with a storage period of 6 months. This product is environmentally friendly and non-hazardous and can be safely transported.

[Toxicological information]

Acute toxicity: non-toxic

Main irritant effects: sensitization: skin contact is unlikely to cause sensitization

Other toxicological data: no further information

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