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The fiber leads the creation and maintenance of the future! What opportunities and challenges does new technology bring to the fiber industry?

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China's fiber development is facing many opportunities and challenges, and the new scientific and technological revolution deserves high attention.

The new scientific and technological revolution is characterized by the interaction and deep integration of nanoscience and nanotechnology, life science and biotechnology, information science and information technology and cognitive science, and will form a new economic form of resource and energy conservation, green and low-carbon. In a considerable development cycle, it has become the leading force leading the progress of human civilization and the decisive force in the transition of human society from industrial civilization to ecological civilization. The new scientific and technological revolution contains many innovation opportunities, including the new generation of information technology, including Internet plus, the Internet of Things, mobile wireless network, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, quantum communication, etc., as well as the penetration and application of information technology in economic and social fields, such as intelligent and green advanced manufacturing, robots, intelligent transportation, smart grid, renewable energy, green technology, etc.

New fiber materials are based on technological breakthroughs and cross-integration in the fields of materials, chemistry, information, machinery, biology and other disciplines. They emphasize functional innovation, strengthening and composite, and have the characteristics of light weight, multi-function, intelligence, and preferential orientation; It has excellent characteristics such as ultra-high performance, high cost performance, high added value, high industrial pull effect and low-carbon green; A new generation of one-dimensional linear materials that can play a highly permeable, subversive and revolutionary role in traditional industries; It is a key basic material and core material in the fields of comfort and health, safety protection, intelligent and functional consumer goods, aerospace, environmental protection and protection, modern construction industry and agriculture, biomedicine, etc.

Looking back at all the world scientific and technological revolutions, they have all changed the process of human civilization and promoted the progress of human culture. The first technological revolution (steam technology revolution), represented by "Jeanne Textile Machine", replaced factories with manual workshops and machines with manual labor. The second scientific and technological revolution (electric power technology revolution) from the "steam age" to the "electrical age" has created the chemical industry. Chemical products, plastics, insulating materials and man-made fibers have also been successively invented and put into production and use. The third technological revolution (information control technology revolution), represented by the application of atomic energy technology, aerospace technology, electronic computer technology and synthetic materials, has made human society increasingly prosperous.

When China's new fiber materials meet a new scientific and technological revolution, it will bring about a new multi-dimensional change in social economy and people's life in an all-round way - from the expansion of the application field of "neon clothing" to "health and environmental protection"; The change of consumption concept from "clothes and quilts" to advocating "healthy life, character and life"; The innovation of industrial green development concept from "resource consumption" to "harmonious coexistence of human and nature"; Improve the efficiency of resource integration from "offline" to "online"; The leap of manufacturing system from "automation" to "intelligent digitization". Chinese fiber sets out for creation, and Chinese fiber sets sail for the future.

It is a major strategic opportunity that China's fiber industry must seize for the future and a historical mission for Chinese fiber people to uphold the feelings of family and help the smooth realization of the dream of fiber power. In China's fiber industry, Chinese fiber people are ready to blow the horn of technological revolution and welcome the arrival of a new era. A new scientific and technological revolution has sprouted quietly in China's fiber industry. We can see that——

New technology in fiber industry is like spring water

Product creation level: In the pursuit of health and comfort today, break the boundary between chemical fiber and natural fiber. The new spinning technology combined with new fiber, endow the new yarn with bacteriostasis, anti-ultraviolet, moisture absorption and rapid drying, thermal insulation, flame retardant, anti-static and other functions, bringing new ideas for yarn design. The optimization of processes such as strong twisting and post-tensioning helps to upgrade the yarn quality, and the combination of characteristic processes with fashion, and the introduction of new yarn varieties.

Based on fiber materials, with the characteristics of multi-materials, multi-structure, multi-function, super performance and greening, new basic materials that can sense, calculate, store energy, communicate and execute have emerged quietly. The new generation of fiber and textile products transcend the traditional concepts of wear and beauty, have different high performance in force, heat, electricity and other aspects, and integrate new applications such as data transmission, energy storage, environmental response, and flexible sensing. In the future, intelligent wear will be integrated into people's daily life in an all-round way. With the rich inspiration and ingenuity of cutting-edge new technologies such as nanotechnology, carbon nanotubes, graphene, 3D printing, industrial biology, biomimetic sensing, and so on, the evolution of the fiber industry has accelerated, and the concept and design of new fibers have spread their tentacles to all aspects of human life.

Product application level: The fiber aims at health and comfort, safety protection, and structural enhancement of terminal demand. Through scientific and technological innovation, the fiber has the composite functions of ultraviolet resistance, radiation resistance, conductivity, bacteriostasis, moisture absorption, heat conduction, and environmental response since its inception, which meets the needs of Chinese people's clothing from home aesthetics to internal and external security.

High-quality melt-blown polypropylene nonwovens, plasma electret polypropylene materials, electret dispersion and spinning technology, and the large-scale creation of composite functional medical micro-nanofibers, help to protect individuals from masks, protective clothing and other personal protection to medical and health first-line protection. Help the Chinese people fight the "epidemic". When the spring is warm, the mountains and rivers will be safe. High-tech fibers such as bio-based fibers, hollow fiber separation membranes, smart fibers for sensing and detection have made great achievements in high-end medical fields, such as absorbable sutures, medical dressings, drug controlled release carriers, bone repair materials, artificial organs, etc.

Vigorously promote the research and development of fiber for environmental protection, such as fiber for high-temperature flue gas filtration, fiber membrane filtration materials, and geotextile fiber materials, to maintain water and soil ecology, reduce air pollution, and create a relaxed and comfortable environment. Challenging the processing limit, high-performance fiber helps to accurately connect with the terminal with the momentum of "Kuiran", and provides "support strength" for product development with super capabilities such as high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., which embodies outstanding value in extreme application fields such as wind power generation, civil construction, national defense and military industry, aerospace, etc., and supports the "national weapon".

Manufacturing technology level: the application of biological conversion technology, fermentation technology and recycling technology enables the fiber to form a closed cycle of carbon from cradle to cradle, supporting the green, low-carbon and circular economy development of the fiber industry. Artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, edge computing, machine vision and other emerging technologies will be integrated and infiltrated with fiber. The new generation of information communication technology and artificial intelligence technology will be organically integrated into the core equipment and production lines of the industry through the "end edge cloud" collaborative computing mode of the industrial Internet, accurately meet customer customization needs, and promote intelligent upgrading of the fiber industry.

The new generation of fiber materials will put forward new innovation requirements for traditional spinning and weaving processes and equipment. At the same time, the application of new manufacturing technologies such as digital manufacturing and additive manufacturing represented by modeling and simulation, three-dimensional weaving and 3D printing will feed back the performance requirements of new fiber materials from the back-end applications. The textile industry chain is deeply integrated at an unprecedented speed.

The new industry form of fiber industry is like a hundred herbs

The integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important role in new technological innovation and industrial transformation. In the textile industry, blockchain technology can run through the entire life cycle of products, enhance the transparency and traceability of the textile and clothing value chain, and improve the credibility and brand of products. Blockchain technology is expected to become one of the basic technologies of the new scientific and technological revolution. Its organic integration with big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence will greatly improve the operational efficiency of the real economy and promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. The collaborative innovation of the industrial chain will build the separated industry into a system layout with upward raw material integration, downward design and rapid response. The fiber factory will be further transparent and modular, and the new fiber industry form with the trend of "B2C" and "blockization" will drive the terminal consumption.

The new model of fiber enterprises is like a spark

The new business model of innovation and capital integration will promote the optimization of industry resources and the integration of elements, and form a new business model of innovative and inclusive development. Integrated innovation platform to support rapid response system.

As a national-level innovation platform, the Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center carries the national mission, does not forget its original intention, adheres to demand-oriented, focuses on key common technologies in functional fiber new materials, high-end fiber materials and textiles, cutting-edge fiber new materials and other key fields, promotes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, constantly improves the innovation of science and technology, system engineering, services, and brands, promotes industrial technological progress, and drives the formation of industrial ecology, Further build a leap in core competitiveness.

China's fiber industry strives to take the lead in creating an innovation platform system, taking advantage of the superposition effect of intelligent, green and flexible manufacturing, and comprehensively encouraging the combination of industry and capital, manufacturing equipment and international docking, creating a Chinese model from leading to overall control, and further realizing the leap of the industry development model.

"Innovation-driven technology industry, culture-led fashion industry, and responsibility-oriented green industry" have become the new positioning and strategic focus of China's textile industry to promote high-quality development. The new scientific and technological revolution has guided the transition of human society from industrial civilization to ecological civilization. The future has come. Standing at the forefront of the times and facing a diversified future, Chinese fiber is driven by scientific and technological innovation, with green development as its core, for the sake of magnificent China and the world.

2020 is the closing year of the 13th Five-Year Plan and the decisive year of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. A new era has come, a new journey is about to start, and a new chapter will be written. Standing at the forefront of the era, Chinese fiber people will bravely rise to the forefront, compete with each other, seize every day and night, fully display the nature of Chinese fiber and play the strong voice of the era.

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